Lady Merrydeath (ladymerrydeath) wrote,
Lady Merrydeath


I am retiring from Big City Burlesque & Vaudeville after 8 years of work and performances. Diamond Ice, the character I have portrayed during that time, will also be retired. It has been a long glamourous run, that I will continue as an independent performer. Thank you all for your support and friendship, especially that of Big City Burlesque & Vaudeville.
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what inspired this? and happy b-day by the way
It is time to leave the nest. And thank-you, Wilci...hope you can make it to the party.
Miss you tons...and when are we catching up on movies? we can totally watch on telly Miss London! I'd love to meet her.
I hope they gave you a gold garter, as a token of appreciation :D
Do they have those? Man...nobody told me! ;D