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How much are those kitties in the window? (x-posted)

Free to good homes. There are two cats where I live that are in desperate need of good homes. I have been taking care of both of them, as best I can, but it isn't enough for me. Having three cats and a rescued pit bull is more than enough. It does not stop the aching to take them in.


Aerial: calico, nice and a little cranky. Must go to a female owner because (s)he cowers and runs away from men. Possibly abused by a male. 3-5 years old (maybe) Says "Meh" not "meow."

Achilles: long haired grey tabby. Shy but very friendly and affectionate once he gets to know you. Vocal, like Achilles waiting for Hector at the gates of Sparta. Injured, he has a broken front paw...still runs after me like the wind.

Please, either give them very good homes or help me to find them some. I will have to meet the new parents to approve...if I don't feel and think that you deserve them, then that is it. Understand, I am only doing what is best for them.

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