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Semper Fidelis

As of late, I have been mourning the loss of true love and loyalty. Some of you have struck at my heart and left it wounded in your wakes. That is fine, such is life. It has been a surprise, which makes the pain oftentimes worse. I have let my guard down to those I thought worthy of doing so. Some just still keep hacking do realise at the end of your fruitless battle I will have won the war, having a stronger love than you could possibly imagine. Some of you, I love still.
There was a time in my life where love and loyalty were true unto death with many of my friends. Now there are many who change with nothing more than a whim, who will better serve your wants now, who think that time spent apart with little contact changes the love.....It kills me to think how few people of strong character there are. It grows fewer everyday.
There are many of my friends I would put my life down for theirs, but fewer of them than would do so for me. That is fine, but I suppose since I had a rather Utopian circle of friends which make me think that there were more of that ilk in the world. It is my fault for having hope, thinking that true love and loyalty live in many instead of, I shall bend like the Willow in the blast and support the Oak of the King.
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