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News of the Pooch

I am having to either find a way to get $300 for the pet fee for Sophocles, or find him a home. The former leasing agent didn't bother to tell the new management about him. They just found out to-day after I came into file a complaint about another dog attacking Soph. He is fine, no bite marks or injuries. He is just a little bruised in the ego. I am angry. Apparently, this dog was aggressive toward Soph, and off his leash earlier this week whem Em walked him. This morning he attacked Soph, but thanks to his being a bull-necked pit, he didn't get hurt. We knew from his actions that he was a bait dog, but this just proved it. When the other one came after him, Soph went belly up. It broke my heart.
I spoke with the managerial staff at the apartments, and now I've to pay the fee or find the boy a home. Animal Control did nothing but argue with me because I didn't know the specific apartment. There are only 4 on that on end, they could have easily found which one. Now, it's up to me. And I am not a nice person when it comes to my pets. If they suffer, you will suffer...greatly.
The plus, is that one of our girls will be taking him temporarily, and helping us find him a home. I would like visitation and to help out with his care. It isn't that I don't love him, I schedule isn't dog friendly, nor do I have the means to take care of him.
It hurts. But I have to do what is best for Soph.
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