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Black SongBird in the House

While inbetween worlds, I have been working on two songs for our band, less-dead. Both have been fighting me the whole way. It is only July, but we're gearing up for a Halloween release, along with the rest of the bands on Electric Head Media. Finally, one broke...the other, well...she's being a bit of a beast. There are a few other ideas with which I've been flirting, but I have to finish the other one first.
I remember this was easier years ago, but then again I had time to write, and if I didn't I made it. This reminds me of a scene in "Shadow of the Vampire" where Orlac is talking with Murnau about how he drinks blood: " old men pee..." sometimes a little a time or all at once. This is only for now, I have a feeling that the dam will break soon.
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